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Welcome to Roadrunner Artifacts.

Please take time to come in and look at our many authentic pieces.  We
strive to provide an inventory that will appeal to all levels of collectors.  If you have a particular
type in mind and do not find it listed, please email or call Al to see if we can help you find exactly what you are
searching to acquire.

Because of escalating shipping fees we have been forced to raise our charges to a Flat Rate of $10 per box.  We are
trying to recover our expenses and do not want to make anything on shipping and handling fees.

By clicking on the different tabs/categories on the left side of the screen you may check out the different
groups of artifacts that we have listed at the present time.  Be sure to click on many of the multiple pictures of
each item as most of them will enlarge.

This site was last updated May 14, 2014!

Please bear with us as our site needs major adjustment!





New Today, Jan. 25th are:
TT314 Outstanding Pedernales

TT319 Superior Darl Knife

New Today, Jan. 28th are:
A014 Petrified Wood Glendo Knife

A203 Large Turkeytail Knife
P210 Texas Paleo

New Today, Feb. 5th, are:
TT321 Very Large Montell

TT322 Eye Appealing Marshall

New Today, Feb. 8th,are:
TT405 Very Nice Montell

TT411 Finely Made Ensor

New Today, Feb. 17th, are:
PR010 Beautiful Agate Paleo Knife

PR308 Large Montell

New Today, Feb. 18th, is:
PR001 Frederick Knife

 New Today, Fe b. 21st, is:
PR310 Beautiful Hells Canyon

New Today, Feb. 27th, are:
PR022 Agatized Wood Paleo Crescent

A014 Beautiful Hidden Valley

New Today, Mar. 16th, are:
PR011 Huge Sedalia

New Today, Mar. 18th, is:
PR008 Two Inch Alibates Folsom

Below is a picture of a Whitetail Deer
that I harvested this past December.

Below is a picture of a Mule Deer that

I harvested earlier in Jan 2014.